Nurturing your 'WHY'!

This is an exercise we like our brides to do as they enter the Bootcamp, however, it doesn't matter where you're at in your journey because we believe that this should be revisited often. 

Your 'WHY' will be the reason you succeed in the goals that you've set here with us in the Bootcamp and in life itself.

The 'WHY' exercise involves you getting laser-focused on the high stake reasons for your eventual transformation and this can be as deep as it needs to get. 

Pull out your journal and start to brainstorm the most important reasons for why you want to be here and why you've set the goals that you have for yourself. 

To explain this clearly, take a listen to our Mindset coach, Melissa Maxwell on exactly how to carry out this exercise by clicking on the link to the right!

Mindset Topic quote (4).png