Healthy Morning
Low Calorie Salad

We offer lots of options when it comes to handling Nutrition here in the Bootcamp, mainly because we believe that when it comes to food it's definitely not a one size fits all situation! 

We have an array of different recipes and programmes to choose from depending on what you respond best to that doesn't feel like your restricting yourself, whether that's clean eating or healthier processes for cooking your meals. Additionally we also have more personalised options for creating a meal plan to suit you and your needs, a service offered by our incredible nutritionist, Melissa Maxwell.

However you want to create your meal plan, we encourage you to incorporate the 'FOUR FUELS'


Healthy Fats



A well-balanced diet will provide you with the day to day energy that you need and paired with a solid fitness regime, you'll be UNSTOPPABLE in reaching your goals not only before the big day, but also in cultivating healthy lifestyle habits in general.

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