Setting Up For Success

Welcome to the Bridal Bootcamp!

We want to give you the best possible start here with us and so this area will cover all of the basics around your first week for success.

You can also come back to this space whenever you're feeling de-motivated or de-energized along your health and wellness journey, to give you those 'back to basics' booster hits that we all know and love when we begin something new that we know will benefit our lives. 

Before we begin, we need to make sure that you've filled in your Health Form so that we're aware of any injuries you may have, you can complete that in STEP 1:



Now that you've completed the fiddly bits, let's get your first week off to an absolute success by downloading your gorgeous starter kit, packed full of tips, tricks and templates to give you a running head start! 

Bridal Bootcamp Starter Kit!.png


We believe heavily in community! 

We want to share all of your wins and work through your turbulent times as a group. A good portion of our content will be released via the FB group also, so you want to make sure that you're not missing a beat! 

You'll get out what you put in...

Click the link above and don't forget to input the email address on your membership entry questions so that we can approve you into the group - if you need any support, email us at:


Once you have joined the Facebook Group, be sure to head back here for your first MINDSET session.

This is a REALLY important exercise that we would like you to do before you begin your journey here with us. 

This exercise is all about 'NURTURING YOUR WHY', an important piece of the puzzle when you're setting goals in any aspect. When you have a strong grip on the emotional reasons to why you're here and the transformation that you want to achieve for yourself, you'll be more likely to succeed in your goals. 

Mindset Topic quote (4).png